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Playhouse Disney Originals 2002 Logo - Playhouse Disney Logo

Nicknames: "The Mickey Mouse Head", "The Mickey Head", "The Playhouse Mickey Head", "Yellow Mickey Head", "The Ribbon" Logo: On a green background filled with dark green flowers and yellow stars, a yellow Mickey Mouse head with a purpleoutline flies from the top-right of the screen. Over the Mickey head, we see the text "playhouse DiSNEY" with "DiSNEY" in its corporate logo font. Suddenly, a blue banner (a la the WB logo) flies up underneath the company name, reading "OrIGInaL" in the same font as the Disney Channel Originals logo at the time. The logo is always followed by the copyright notice on a black background with "DiSNEY" in the signature corporate font. Variant: Originally, the word "CHANNEL" was below the word "DiSNEY". FX/SFX: The Mickey Mouse head flying, and the blue banner appearing. This was also done by Beehive in New York. Music/Sounds: A 7-note whimsical flute jingle, used as Playhouse Disney's jingle at the time, but on other shows, the ending theme finishes over it. Music/Sounds Variant: There's a tweaked variant of this logo on The Koala Brothers in which the same logo is used with high-pitched jingle (via +1 key, which is 70.87 in cents). Availability: The "Playhouse Disney Channel" variant is extremely rare, as it was only seen on reruns of their shows from the October 2002 rebrand until presumably in May 2003 when it got replaced with the second version, however some episodes of Stanley from that era used this version when it last aired on Disney Junior Canada. However, the second version is kept on older VHS tapes and DVDs of pre-2007 Playhouse Disney shows such as Stanley, JoJo's Circus, Rolie Polie Olie, The Koala Brothers, Higglytown Heroes and the first few episodes of Bunnytown; although Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse used the ending theme played over this logo, and My Friends Tigger and Pooh used the 2002 Disney Channel logo instead of this one. On Disney Junior (the channel), this was found in split-screen credits of Rolie Polie Olie, most likely due to a processing error. This also made a brief appearance on an episode of Little Einsteins before the Disney Junior logo was shown, likely due to an editing error. During Playhouse Disney's last few years, this was used in tandem with the next logo. Editor's Note: Some people may be startled by the quick copyright info appearing directly after this logo.

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Playhouse Disney Logo Effects (Sponsored By Preview 2 Effects) (For Corwin’s animation)
, So corwin is your watching this go to sleep Credit by Corwin..
Playhouse Disney Logo
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